Swim Week Fashion Show, Rancho Santa Fe

Sun and swimwear in SoCal. How can you go wrong?

In what can only be described as a fabulous event, the Swim Week Collective in Rancho Santa Fe was no ordinary fashion show.

San Diego’s notorious “June Gloom” took a day off, giving the exhibitors and models a near-perfect setting for designers to show their latest swimwear. The sheer canopy filtered the sun perfectly, casting gold warmth of light onto the diverse sea of beautiful faces attending this event.

The warmth of the sun, however, was no match for the warmth of the message from the presenters and models. Far from a series of quick runs on a catwalk, the show was also a day of uplifting messaging and positive affirmations for everyone.

Q&A panels allowed designers and entrepreneurs to talk not only about their business, but about how to move forward and grow both in work and in life. The focus was tailored to women-owned and minority-owned endeavors, expressing to everyone embrace and love ourselves as we are.

To match the energy and point of the panels, models of all sizes, ethnicities and styles showed off the latest in swimwear designs, casting off the restraints of the narrow (and impossible) definition of beauty to which we’ve been subjected.

No matter what our background or attributes, there is a takeaway for everyone here. In an age of hostility and shaming, it was a gentle, yet clear reminder to all of us to love ourselves as we are. If we all do that, little by little, that love will radiate out to others.

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